It is estimated that 137,000 women and girls living in England and Wales in 2011 had been affected by female genital mutilation.

Source: University College London & Equality Now, 2015, Prevalence of FGM in the England and Wales

Where it occurs

London has the highest number of women with FGM totalling 2.1%, and as high as 4.7% in the borough of Southwark and 3.9% in Brent.

Other towns and cities in England and Wales are 0.7% - 1.6%. FGM is an issue in rural and urban areas

The law

The penalty for committing FGM on a girl is 14 years in prison and up to seven years for a parent who has failed to protect their daughter

Women's views

Many women believe that the law in the UK is an effective deterrent to FGM when they visit their country of origin due to the pressure for the girl to be circumcised.

Source: Forward: Between Two Cultures, 2016

Young women’s reflections

Three young British women reflect on how FGM has ended in their families and how they believe it can end world-wide within a generation.