Why FGM happens

FGM or female circumcision, cutting or stretching of the genitalia occur for cultural and social reasons which is believed to benefit the girls in some way.

Some say that FGM is more hygienic

This is not true. Many infections occur and some are fatal

Some say that FGM makes a girl behave better and prevents sex outside marriage

This is not true. There is no evidence of this.

Some say that FGM enhances her husband’s sexual pleasure

This is not true. Healthy sex is enjoyed when both are having pleasure.

Some say that FGM improves fertility

This is not true. In fact it reduces fertility.

Some say that FGM is a religious duty

This is not true. No religious texts say any form of FGM should be done.

Some say that FGM preserves her cultural identity

This is not true. There are many positive and beautiful cultural traditions. Tradition can be preserved in non-harmful ways.

Some say that FGM protects family honour

This is not true. Family honour can be kept in positive ways

Men Speak Up about FGM

Men from FGM affected communities share their views and demonstrate that talking openly about FGM is a step in ending it.