What does religion say?

It is not a religious requirement

Female Genital Mutilation or female circumcision is not a religious requirement. It is not prescribed by Christianity, Islam or Judaism.

FGM happens to women and girls across the world.

Is it considered Sunnah?

Some Muslims refer to the removal or damage to the clitoris as ‘Sunnah’. In Malaysia and Indonesia it is known as ‘Sunnat’. Sunnah means to follow the example of the Prophet Mohammed. However, there is no authentic saying (hadith) that endorses female circumcision.

The word ‘Sunnah’  or ‘Sunnat’ is used incorrectly. The WHO definition categorises it is as FGM, type 1 or 4.

FGM is un-Islamic 

Dr Mohammed Fahim, Islamic Scholar, uses standard Islamic texts to discuss how FGM is a practice that is against Islam, dispelling the myth that the practice is recommended for Muslims.