Survivors speak up

Fatou and Makaddy talk about being survivors of FGM and their mission to protect others from FGM.

FGM is un-Islamic

Dr Mohammed Fahim, Islamic Scholar, uses standard Islamic texts to discuss how FGM is a practice that is against Islam, dispelling the myth that the practice is recommended for Muslims.

Oxford Rose Clinic

Brenda Kelly, consultant obstetrician and director of the Oxford Rose Clinic, walks us through an example patient consultation at a FGM clinic. The Oxford Rose Clinic is an NHS service which offers clinical, psychological and psychosexual therapy for women and girls who have experienced FGM.

Young women’s reflections

Three young British women reflect on how FGM has ended in their families and how they believe it can end world-wide within a generation.

Men Speak Up about FGM

Men from FGM affected communities share their views and demonstrate that talking openly about FGM is a step in ending it.